Friday, August 27, 2010

Took my bike to City Hall and got new tags for my car. These are two-year tags and cost $50. Then took bike and Metrolink to Science Center along with a blank cheque for the September monthly pass... $68. On across Forest Park to Metrolink station and into Clayton to drop paperwork with my CPA and had lunch at Panera Cares Cafe'... the "suggested price" was $9.50 so i gave them $15. Off to the nearby Starbucks for a pound of French Roast. Hopped onto train again to Brentwood/44 station and road to Euclid Records for some window shopping- looking for Hallelujah by Canned Heat on cd but to no avail. Back to station to catch 30 Soulard bus and rode from Brewery home.

Tomorrow at dawn i plan on biking the Riverfront trail.

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Doggie said...

I rollerblade everywhere. A lot of the great bike trails aren't any good for that. I need a bike. I'm dying to check the new trails out. I've ridden most of the Katy Trail, at least out past Dutzow. They've added quite a bit!