Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Prisoner vol. 1

my favorite television show of all time (even over The Simpsons and My Name Is Earl!). Patrick McGoohan's 17 episode series about a British Secret Agent who, upon suddenly resigning his job, is rendered unconscious in his home and wakes up in an exact replica yet looking out the window finds himself in The Village, a charming little community from which there is no escape. why would anyone ever want to escape this lovely little place? written and filmed during the cold war era, one or the other side runs The Village, which one remains unknown throughout the series. also unanswered is the question of his resignation, the name of his character and- in a society where everyone is known by a number, his being Number 6, who is Number 1? does Number 6 ever escape The Village?

this is an enigmatic analogy for Society as seen through the lens of the the times- rebellion, upheaval, surveillance and runaway technology. McGoohan leaves many of the questions open to the interpretation of the viewer. More to come.



i sit at my keyboard on an Autumn Saturday night and begin a blog. oh my.

with any luck i'll discern the line between public subject matter and that which should be kept to myself. fine enough to share joy, anger, bliss, incredulity, wonder and pain- but not at the expense of others.

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