Monday, January 5, 2009

The Band Practice pt 1

Davids favorite song of mine brought to life in the film "The Band Practice" by Matthew O'Shea and featuring Earwacks.

Story: Our Hero does this. Every morning he does this. Goes to work. Every day. Rain or shine.


Doggie said...

It is my favorite. Why did you remove it?

dominic schaeffer said...

Sorry- I had to re-export it to an AVI file so the audio would sync correctly. MOV files don't play well on YouTube. I had gone to great pains to get the voice-over right and i wanted it to show.

what do you think?

...Sharon said...

Wait. Don't stop! It says "part 1" - but where's the rest? (...I hope it continues for an hour or so.)

Where was the camera when looking down on Soulard? That was beautiful.

dominic schaeffer said...

The area it was shot was the triangle between Jefferson, Victor and Gravois. Those are the reversable lanes they used to have on Gravois at the end of the song.

Part 2 has me walking down Macnair toward Gravios for the puddle jump shots. The restaurant was "The Edge" where i met Dennis Connelly berfore i worked at the Oyster Bar. Dennis would love to see the chef again- Sam Young... Sam taught us both how to cook. The bar is Behrmans at Compton and Meremac which is across the street from the old Fraternal Order of Eagles hall where we rehearsed.

Doggie said...

put the whole thing on YouTube!!!